Best Organic Margarita Mixes | Sol Squeeze

We started Sol Squeeze® to rid the world of chemical-laced, crappy mixers by crafting the world's most delicious organic cocktail mixers. 

Every Sol Squeeze® flavor is blended with real fruit in recyclable, responsible and renewable packaging for everyone who appreciates fresh, healthy, sustainable products that are also good for the community.


Questions About Our Organic Margarita Mix

What defines an organic margarita mix?

An organic margarita mix is made with ingredients grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs. At Sol Squeeze, we ensure our mixes are crafted with the highest quality organic fruits and natural sweeteners, delivering a pure and refreshing taste.

Why choose an organic margarita mix over a conventional one?

Choosing an organic margarita mix means choosing a cleaner, healthier option. Organic ingredients are free from harmful chemicals, making our mixes not only better for you but also better for the environment. The natural flavors shine through, offering a more authentic margarita experience.

Can the taste difference between organic and non-organic margarita mixes be noticeable?

Absolutely! Organic margarita mixes like Sol Squeeze are made with real fruit and natural ingredients, giving you a fresher, more vibrant taste. You’ll notice the difference with every sip.

Is there a price difference between organic and regular margarita mixes?

Organic products can be slightly more expensive due to the higher cost of organic farming practices. However, at Sol Squeeze, we strive to offer competitive prices because everyone should enjoy the benefits of going organic without breaking the bank.