The Sol Squeeze Margarita

The Sol Squeeze Margarita

As warmer temperatures approach, so do more opportunities to venture outside for some fun in the sun. If the idea of carting tons of cocktail ingredients to the beach or picnic spot seems daunting, our simple, portable margarita recipe ensures you’ll have a quality drink without the hassle. Of course, Sol Squeeze mixers also work in the comfort of your own home, but there’s something about the sand, surf, and sun that calls for that margarita moment! 

Our recipe is simple and allows you to relax and enjoy more quickly. Why waste time with fussy ingredients? We’ve done most of the work for you, so follow the steps below and sip on some sunshine! 


  • 1.5 oz tequila of your choice (we suggest blanco)
  • 3 oz of Sol Squeeze Classic or Mango mixer of your choice 
  • lime wedge
  • Sol Squeeze Citrus or Spicy Sea Salt for rim


  1. Prep your glass: Begin by running a juicy lime wedge around the edge of your glass, then dip in the Sol Squeeze Sea Salt of your choice.
  2. Combine your ingredients: Combine 3oz of the Sol Squeeze mixer of your choice with 1.5oz of tequila and plenty of ice.
  3. Shake it up: We like to give our margaritas a heavy shake to get them ice cold and frothy. 
  4. Pour over ice: Pour your margarita over ice and enjoy!