Behind The Brand: The Story of Sol Squeeze

Behind The Brand: The Story of Sol Squeeze

When my husband, Derek, and I moved to Amelia Island, Florida, we did what so many northerners do: grow our own citrus trees! We bought the most pathetic-looking lime tree and shoved it in the back of the car, not sure if we could coax it back to life. After a season of constant TLC, it produced 300 limes! 

As the saying goes: when life gives you limes, you make margaritas! As our work weeks came to a close, we craved a high-quality cocktail, and had no interest in store-bought mix full of artificial ingredients that would ultimately be forgotten in the back of the fridge. After perfecting our recipe and enjoying it with our family, we wanted to share it with everyone. 

Armed with a robust background in engineering, my professional life has been marked by precision and adept problem-solving. My transition from the world of engineering to mixology was driven by a profound dissatisfaction with the questionable ingredients found in commercially-available cocktail mixes. I was determined to redefine mixers. Thus, Sol Squeeze was born! Bringing Sol Squeeze to fruition has been a two year process, and I've been blessed to cross paths with some incredible people in that journey.

As a health-conscious consumer, I prioritize quality and wholesome ingredients, ensuring each pouch of Sol Squeeze offers clean, simple components in thoughtful proportions for that perfect margarita moment.  Sol Squeeze offers vibrant citrus flavors that taste just like summer, no matter the season. Why mess with Mother Nature?

I knew that cocktail enthusiasts deserved a better option, so here it is! As you indulge in the refreshing burst of citrus, you're not just sipping a cocktail, you're partaking in my journey—a quest that blends precision, creativity, and a deep-rooted respect for the purity of Florida produce. 

I can’t wait for you to try Sol Squeeze! Whether on the beach or in the backyard, you deserve a margarita made simply, so you can enjoy the simple things alongside it.